Former NFL star OJ Simpson was acquitted of the murders in a criminal trial that gripped the nation, but he was deemed liable for their wrongful deaths in a civil lawsuit. 

Now he’s free as a bird, so what is he up to lately? Well it looks like OJ is enjoying his golden years in Las Vegas. OJ is still on parole, just saying. I immediately thought that was some marijuana in his hand, but at second glance, we noticed it was a beer bottle, a Heineken to be exact. Check him hiding it while he’s being pictured. 

Looks like OJ is loving his life. OJ chilling on a couch drinking beer with his boys. Smile ear to ear. Can life get any better for the former Heisman winner? 

The Nevada Board of Parole has established the following conditions for Simpson:   


He is prohibited from leaving Nevada and changing his residence without getting permission first from the Nevada Division of Parole and Probation.



He is required to submit a written report every month about his activities to officials on a form supplied by the parole and probation agency.



He cannot associate with convicted felons, people who engage in criminal activity. His parole officer can prohibit him from associating with anyone else.



He cannot possess, have access to or have under his control any kind of weapon unless the weapon is needed for employment and has been approved by the parole and probation division or someone approved by the division.



He cannot use, buy or possess illegal drugs or prescription drugs unless the prescription drugs are prescribed by a licensed medical professional. Use of marijuana is banned even if it is legal to use marijuana recreationally in the state where Simpson is living.



He is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages “but not to excess.” A test result of .08 blood-alcohol percent or higher (the legal limit for driving in Nevada) is proof of drinking to excess.



He is required to submit a blood or breath test for drugs and or alcohol any time the parole and probation division demands it.