The former beauty queen and girlfriend to the NFL wide receiver, Danny Amendola, cuddled up while on a boat in the Bahamas this week. She added the caption, ‘The drug…. love.’

Amendola spent the last five years with the New England Patriots. On Tuesday agreed to a new two-year deal with the division-rival Miami Dolphins worth $12 million, $8.25 million of which is guaranteed, according to the NFL Network.

Looks as if they’ll be hitting the open water during the upcoming season. 

Prior to that post, the SI swimsuit model shared a picture after she had been swimming with sharks. ‘Me and all my friends today,’ the siren joked

Model Olivia Culpo, her pal Devon Windsor & her fiance Danny Amendola vacation together in the tropics on an isle of iguanas. Check out the VIDEO below, that water is so blue.   

Amendola owes everything he has to Tom Brady? I really don’t see him being as effective with the Dolphins. Either way, the guy is living the ultimate dream. Congrats to him on moving to Miami this winter. There’s no better gift than that.