This craziness happened over the weekend in High School hoops. Friday night’s Kansas Class 1A-I state semifinals featured one of the crazier flagrant foul.  See for yourself below, as Hanover’s Thomas Atkins is going in for the breakaway slam and is slammed into the basket. 

Everyone knows you don’t push someone in the back while they’re jumping in mid air. Always go for the ball, and if you can’t get to the ball, let the play go. Someone could have seriously been injured. 

 Better look of the dirty push at the 1A State Tournament. Dirtiest Play of the Year?  

This kid wasn’t even booted from the game, which is just flat out ridiculous. The player could have been seriously injured. 

Kind of reminds me of what the Knicks and Pistons use to try to pull on Michael Jordan back in the day. No place for it this day and age.