The games that can be found in a casino online are many and different from each other. Below we have compiled some casino guides of the best online slot machines that are gaining more and more followers, to evergreen sports betting, to judi bola online.


Online slot machines

Online slot machines are very simple to play, and are enjoying considerable success among players. Operation is all mechanical and mathematical, so just push the start button to start the spins. With a simple button the online slot starts and the reels start spinning. The goal is to line up a certain number of identical symbols on a winning line, that is, in particular adjacent positions on the reels that change from slot to slot.

There are different types of slots, and above all, each has different characteristics: for example there are 3 reels, or 5, some have particular special functions, others are basic like the classic 50s that could be found in Las Vegas .

The main things to know to play an online slot machine are:

Each slot has a theme on which all the symbols of the game are developed, for example there are fantasy, historical or film themed ones
Slots have a wild symbol that substitutes for other symbols on a payline which is called a Wild
Another important icon common to many slots is the symbol called Scatter, which when it lands on the reels in a certain number starts the bonus free spins, that is, free spins in which there are higher chances of winning than the spins normal

If you want to start playing slots, you can take a look at the free slots catalog. With these demos you can discover all the secrets of a slot for free.

Sports betting

Focusing on sporting events is a very popular pastime, and in many countries, football is king. However, with online casinos it is possible to bet on other popular sports such as basketball, motorcycling and tennis, but also more niche sports such as baseball, water polo and even surfing. You don’t need a casino guide to know that every sports bet is based on a team or player’s (or animal’s) chances of winning under many circumstances. In fact, every sporting event can be reproduced in numerical terms that indicate the probabilities of a particular episode, such as a goal, for example.

Live Betting

One of the possibilities that online casinos give to players who want to bet on sporting events is the possibility of betting on ongoing events. So even after the start it is possible to place a bet, with the odds that are updated live according to the progress of the race, on bookmakers.

Virtual Betting

Virtual sports are the news of recent times, and could not be missing in our casino games guide. When there are no sporting events to bet on, what to do? We bet on virtual sports. Virtual sports consist of competitions simulated by a computer using random mathematical software. The player places the bet based on data provided by the software, which will then process them to provide a result as real as possible. Of course there are virtual football matches, but also horse racing and tennis matches. Basically it is a bet on a simulated event.


We hope this guide will be of use to you in choosing the best casino game. Thanks for reading!