The US gambling market has the potential of being the biggest in the world, because of its sheer size and the resources of local players. For many years, online gambling operators have channeled their energy and resources towards this part of the world. The UIGEA has changed all that and now bookmakers and casinos are patiently waiting for better times. Americans are passionate about sports and many of them are tempted to turn the heat up a notch by placing a bet. Some states have positively responded to these signals and have passed, or at least prepared legislation that will make betting legal.

The US Supreme Court lends a helping hand

US citizens can’t bet legally with slot sites online because of the prohibitive laws, but this could change in a not so distant future. The US Supreme Court has bolstered the confidence of those hoping for the repelling of these laws after it struck down a federal law that banned sports betting. This doesn’t mean that the activity has automatically become legal nationwide, and states are still free to determine their own laws. It was still an important step made in the right direction, and a sign that things could change for the better.

The fact that the federal law was struck down means that open minded politicians will be able to regulate gambling. There are several states where casino games are legal under certain conditions and sports betting looks like the obvious step. Not surprisingly, the states willing to act in this manner were those that were already making a lot of money from their casino industries.

American football, baseball, ice hockey and basketball are watched by millions every week and they would be prime candidates for sports betting. Delaware and Mississippi have already taken certain steps towards legalizing sports betting, by making this activity possible in local casinos. This means that those who step inside the brick-and-mortar gambling parlors will be able to bet on sports at the premises. Other states such as Pennsylvania and Rhode Island are also likely to follow suit shortly.

Some states continue to resist gambling

The number of places where Americans can play casino games legally over the Internet is increasing quickly. It is only fair to expect that sports betting will follow the same upward trajectory, once a few stetes decide to act. At the same time, there are many other states where gambling is illegal and the odds of things changing are slim to none. Utah is a shining example of a state that is absolutely against all forms of gambling, so the odds of sports betting being ever legalized here are incredibly low.

The good news is that Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and other important lobbyists are actively trying to persuade lawmakers that legalizing sports betting would benefit the industry. Legal gambling nationwide is an overly ambitious dream, but in certain American states, online sports betting is truly ready to explode.