Draya Michele came into the limelight after she started dating Chris Brown in 2009, after Chris Brown’s break up with Rihanna. The couple dated for nine months, and according to Draya, Chris was a good boyfriend, and they had a lot of fun together. However, their love ended, and they decided to follow their own paths.

After Chris Brown, Draya had relationships with many interesting men like Gilbert Arenas,, and Bernard Berrian.

Even though Draya found love many times in her life, she settled once and for all.

She’s been with Orlando Scandrick for quite some time. 

Her latest bit of controversy involves a picture she posted on Instagram. 

Draya shared an interesting photo of her and her son. See below 👇

The comments are already going..

  • Wtf you kissing him like that? 🧐
  • That second pic don’t look right. Look like she ready to get freaky
  • The second pic really didn’t have to go up
  • The open mouth, looks a lil off…
  • Dang as awesome as the first pic is, everyone is going to focus on the second pic🤦🏽‍♀️
  • If you “disturbed” by the second pic you weird af. Clearly she was in the middle of giving HER SON a kiss
  • 2nd pic weird AF

I’m pretty sure Draya knew what the reaction was going to be by posting that pic. 

Any press is good press for reality stars like her. 

Check out more pics of Scandrick’s girl below:  

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