Did you know that since 2000 the percentage of North American jockeys with Hispanic surnames has risen from 30% to 50%? 

Some people believe that Hispanic jockey’s experience so much success in horse racing due to their size. For example, Mexican and Panamanian men are about 3 inches shorter than men in the US. 

Whether you know horse races by the horse’s name or by the jockey’s who ride them, you might want to jot down these two successful up-and-coming Puerto Rican brothers who are quickly becoming sporting stars.

Irad Jr and José Ortiz

Those who follow horse racing will know that the two brothers Irad Jr and José Ortiz recently were presented with the Eclipse Award as part of the 26th annual Newton Plaza Siro’s Cup in Saratoga Springs. 

Irad Jr, who is 26, and José Ortiz, who is 25, are still young jockeys who are chasing a successful horse racing career. The brothers, who are one year apart, are natives of Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. 

In 2018, the brothers ranked 1-2 in jockey earnings in North America, with Irad ranking $27.7 million on 346 wins, and his younger brother José ranking $26.7 million on 264 wins. The two brothers have accomplished a great number of feats, despite still being young. 

According to zonasuplementos.com, jockeys who are on top of their games, such as Irad Jr and José Ortiz, need to eat a well balanced and healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables which ensure they get all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to perform well in horse racing. Some jockeys fail to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals, so they take additional supplements which can help keep them healthy and fit. 

The Newton Plaza Siro’s Cup

The 26th annual Newton Plaza Siro’s Cup benefitted the Center for Disability Services Foundation. The event was held the day before the opening day of the races at the Saratoga Race Course. Many notables from the world of horse racing attended the event.

The event allowed many guests to meet the notable guest of the world of horse racing, including the two brothers. The guests got to support a great cause and meet their horse racing heroes. 

The highlight of the event was when the brothers were presented a water-colored art piece each, which depicted their most notable race to date. The paintings were presented by James Fiorentino, who is a nationally known artist that also provides the awards for the prestigious LatinoMVP awards for Latino baseball players. 

When asked where their art pieces will be displayed, the brothers replied “this is going to be in the center of my living room wall.” It is refreshing to see both Irad and José Ortiz who are such wholesome young men achieving big wins and making such good names for themselves in the competitive world of horse racing.

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