All of us are taught that hard work is the key to success from the very beginning. If you don’t work hard enough to get something, you will not get it. Success is not just gaining financial freedom. Success means gaining freedom of all kinds, including freedom from health-related problems. Obesity is a well-known problem all over the globe. It gives birth to serious health complications and turns very minor health-related problems into giant complications which ultimately lead to death bed. Wiser people don’t just get rich, they focus and work on their bodies and health too because in the end all we have is ourselves. That’s why it is necessary to work on ourselves and make improvements in our health. Sometimes obesity cannot be treated only by exercise and diet changes. It needs more than that. In such a scenario fat burning pills come in handy. 

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Phentermine over the counter diet pills:

Phentermine is an amphetamine-like medication that is used as fat burning diet pills along with some dietary changes and exercise in order to reduce weight and treat obesity. It is an oral medication which is prescribed to be taken for a few weeks. It is sold under different brand names, lonamine is one of those names. It is not used on a long-term basis. It is a short-term or temporary solution to obesity which stops affecting you after consumption for a few weeks. These over-the-counter diet pills are often used in combination phentermine/topiramate. The formula of the salt that is found in phentermine is C10H15N. Phentermines are categorized under the drug class “appetite suppressant”. Other names that are used for phentermine are α-methyl-amphetamine and α,α-dimethylphenethylamine. The elimination half-life of phentermine diet pills is 25 hours, as they are urinary pH-dependent. Their metabolism falls under the main organ of your body, the liver. Addiction liability for these diet pills as a medication is very low.

Use of phentermine weight loss pills:

Phentermine diet pills are not a sole solution to obesity and overweight disorders. It is combined with a lot of dietary changes along with exercise sessions in order to reduce weight in people with health complications. It basically works as a catalyst which fastens the process of weight loss because it makes you feel fulfilled by making your body release more serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine than their usual amount in your body. These hormones keep you excited and fulfilled all the time. This phenomenon helps you suppress your appetite and your body burns the stored fat from your body to meet the needs of your energy requirement. In this way phentermine fat burning diet pills help your body to consume less and burn more calories ultimately leading to a better shape and a healthy fit body that you have always desired. 

Speaking of lifestyle changes that you need for these pills to work, these are not some magical pills that will work overnight and you’ll get into shape. It does not work like that. If you want something you will have to earn it. And in this case scenario, you will have to work your ass off in order to get the best results possible. 

What side effects or harms can phentermine diet pills cause?

Here is given the list of few threats and harms that phentermine over the counter weight loss pills can pose to your body:

  • The user might suffer from an increased heart rate.
  • The consumer might notice mouth drying. 
  • Nervousness can be one of the main side effects. 
  • Insomnia can also occur in a few very sensitive users.
  • Constipation can also be caused by long term use of phentermine diet pills which ultimately leads to piles.
  • The consumer of phentermine diet pills can also feel tingling in hands and feet.

What does phentermine do to the body?

Once ingested, phentermine diet pills target your central nervous system which includes both brain and your nerves. Targeting CNS results in increased heart rate of the consumer which leads to an increased blood pressure which ultimately suppresses your appetite. Phentermines are not the sole source of fat burning. You have to couple the consumption of phentermine diet pills with dietary changes and exercise daily. You have to start consuming fewer calories and exercise more on a daily basis in order to reduce your weight and treat your obesity. The people to whom these diet pills are prescribed are mostly those with risk factors like high blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels and diabetes.

How much weight can you lose with phentermine?

Many clinical studies have proven these phentermine diet pills to burn fat from the human body at faster rates. The expected average weight loss in an adult human body, regardless of the gender, is 5% of the body weight at which one started taking these pills with some dietary changes and exercise on a daily basis. If you keep consuming the phentermine diet pills, it can go as high as 10% in over 12 weeks. This is almost 5 to 10kg weight loss in a person with initial weight over 90kg. 

Why do doctors prescribe phentermine? 

Doctors prescribe phentermine diet pills to those people who are trying to actively lose weight through dietary changes and exercise, but are too overweight to do it solely on dieting and exercise. It is prescribed as a temporary solution which acts as fuel to the fire. It is a short-term treatment for obesity. Doctors don’t prescribe it as a long-term medication for obese people because these can cause serious health complications as side effect of long-term use. Its effectiveness decreases after consumption of 3 to 6 weeks. Phentermine basically acts as a stimulant to burn fat but it has many side effects majorly including increased heart rate.

For how long will the doctor prescribe phentermine?

Most doctors prescribe such diet pills for less than 12 weeks. But some doctors prescribe them for the long-term too. As the effects of such diet pills or fat burning pills change from person to person, the long-term use of Phentermine diet pills has shown many positive results in many cases and many patients with obesity and overweight problems. In patients with diabetes or high blood pressure problems, phentermine diet pills must never be prescribed long-term because it can lead to serious health complications which then become irreversible and cause so much loss.

What diet pill is the same as phentermine?

Some other pills that are available in the market which can be used in place of phentermine diet pills and serve the same purpose are Bontril (phendimetrazine tartrate) and Adipex (phentermine). These are appetite suppressants which are used in combination with dietary changes and exercise for the treatment of obesity and overweight problems. There are many other options of phentermine diet pills that go by different names like Phengold, phen375, phen24, primeshred and phenQ.

How do phentermine diet pills work?

Phentermine diet pills are the medication which aids with weight loss and works by activating your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight), that is the basic reason why these fat burning diet pills are called as sympathomimetic drug or stimulant. The phenomena of activating your sympathetic nervous system reduce the consumer’s appetite, and people who take phentermine tend to eat less which ultimately leads to an energy deficit which states that you are burning more calories than you are consuming which results in weight loss.

Who is phentermine typically prescribed to?

If the patient is very obese or too much overweight with many health related complications and severe lifestyle changes have not helped the patient to lose weight and get into desired shape, phentermine diet pills are a considerable option for such patients. But these fat burning diet pills are prescribed for a short-term period as the long-term use can result in irreversible health complications. It is mostly prescribed for less than 12 weeks and not more. As there is a risk in using phentermine diet pills, you must consult your physician or doctor or your health care provider before starting to consume these diet pills for a longer duration. You should not take phentermine diet pills if you are not obese overweight in any case scenario. Phentermine is also not recommended for people with heart disease, high blood pressure and hyperthyroidism. These are also not recommended for anyone with a history of drug misuse.

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How to take phentermine oral medication? 

You should take phentermine diet pills as directed by your doctor which is mostly 1 pill per day with a glass of water 1 hour prior to your breakfast or 1 to 2 hours after your breakfast. Never consume it along with breakfast or during your breakfast or any meal of the day. Sometimes the doctor suggests taking smaller doses of phentermine diet pills more than one time per day, considering your health condition and possible complications that it might cause. It is very necessary that you carefully follow your doctor’s instructions while consuming such fat burning diet pills. 

Alternatives to phentermine over the counter diet pills:

There are two types of alternatives of phentermine fat burning diet pills depending upon the origin of those alternatives:

Pharmaceutical alternatives of phentermine diet pills:

Pharmaceutical alternatives of phentermine fat burning diet pills include Orlistat, Lorcasrin and Liraglutide which are prepared in the laboratory. 

Natural alternatives of phentermine diet pills:

Natural alternatives of phentermine fat burning diet pills include Glucomannan, Caffeine, Vitamin B, Choline, Garcinia Cambogia and turmeric which are of natural origin.

Precautions to be taken:

Here are given some precautionary measures that are to be taken seriously while using a medication like phentermine fat burning diet pills:

  • You should never consume phentermine diet pills if you have heart disease, hyperthyroidism, glaucoma, or if you’re pregnant or nursing.
  • You should not consume phentermine diet pills if you are under the age of 18 years.
  • Phentermine fat burning diet pills should not be prescribed in combination with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) which are basically used to treat depression in patients with anxiety problems.
  • Your doctor knows better whether phentermine diet pills are appropriate and safe for you or not and you must follow your doctor’s instructions. 

Lifestyle changes:

Lifestyle changes that you need for effective results of phentermine diet pills are given below:

Reduced-calorie diet: In order for these diet pills to work you will have to consume less and burn more calories every day. An average overweight adult should consume fewer than 300 to 500 calories. A registered dietitian should be consulted in order to know the range of calories you should consume according to your body needs.

Nutrient-dense foods: Nutrient-dense food include fruits and vegetables that are low in calories and high in necessary nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals. These must be included in your diet and fast-food items along with junk food must be removed from your diet in order for the phentermine diet pills to work.

Physical activity: At least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week is required to get best results possible of phentermine diet pills. If exercise is not possible, then brisk walking or running is necessarily needed to get into desired shape.

Behavioral changes: Behavioral changes like self-monitoring, focusing on your goal of fit body and better shape, more physical activity and adjusting to the changes in your life are needed. These behavioral changes help in your mood and bring positive vibes. 

The Bottom Line:

Phentermine diet pills are prescription-based appetite suppressants used for weight loss on a short-term basis. Combined use of phentermine diet pills with topiramate results in even better efficacy of the medication. This combination is much more efficient and tolerable than phentermine alone. Long-term use of phentermine diet pills can cause side effects and serious health complications in people who are already suffering from health-related problems like diabetes and heart diseases. In order to get long-term results from phentermine diet pills, you will need to make many necessary lifestyle changes that will help you get into your desired shape very quickly.