Tiger Woods is in contention at The Masters for the first time in a long-time.  On the 14th hole it all almost came to an end thanks to an overexcited security guard. 

After Tiger’s approach shot on the 14th fans all moved in closer for a look at where the ball was going to land.  As the fans moved up so did a security guard who tried to play hero and erase a threat that wasn’t there. 

The security guard misjudged his footing on the wet grass and slipped right into Tiger’s right foot.  Woods hopped away on one foot in a little bit of discomfort.

The good thing is Woods now has an excuse if he starts to play poorly.  He can always blame it on a foot injury thanks to a security guard with a little too much determination.

You have to wonder if Tiger didn’t set this whole “accident” up ahead of time.  Stranger things have happened in sports.  

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