On the subject of your pickup truck and its cargo bed, only the best should be taken into consideration as you decide to purchase an overland bed rack. Unsure of which ones to select? Our experts have come up with an easy buying guide that you can go through as you make your purchasing decision. 

How To Choose The Best Overland Bed Rack 

Load Capacity 

This is the first on our list for a practical reason, and it has to do with both the functionality of pick-up trucks and that of an overland bed rack. These incredible vehicles, along with their bed racks, are frequently purchased precisely for the purpose of carrying extra load. A feature that many conventional automobiles lack, whether because of vehicular design or overall capacity. 

Hence, take this variable into consideration very carefully. At the same time, write down specific details of what your truck’s cargo bed is for. What objects do you often have on it when you travel? What is the usual weight variation of said objects? Align these pieces of information with that of the load capacity of the bed racks in your roster. 

Dynamic Versus Static Load Rate/Rating 

“Dynamic load” rating is the total load or weight your truck can carry when it’s being driven, or when “in motion”. On the other hand, static load rate speaks of the full load rating it can handle when it’s on-park or is “at rest”. 

If a bed rack is heavier than the maximum capacity of either of these two variables, you’ll find yourself faced with a few challenges. First, that it will be more difficult to drive carrying heavy objects along with a heavier-than-capacity rack. Second, your tires will give in quicker than they should. And third, you’ll be risking overrunning your car’s engine. It’ll have to work twice as hard because of the extra weight. This can indirectly lead to more trips to your car repair professionals. 


Overland bed racks have accessories, too. At least, the best ones do. And this is something that will highly depend on what your automobile’s cargo bed frequently houses. 

How about extra attachment tools for expanding the rack whenever you drive with your outdoor sports gear, from kayaks, bikes, surfboards, and the like? How about extra securing apparatuses for when you head for the road and make deliveries? Your business’ goods and/or products should be firmly fastened, especially if they’re fragile and/or if deliveries usually run on long distances. 

Will you be needing a bed rack fitted with LED lights? Afternoon-to-evening deliveries? Such lighting accessories go beyond letting your truck look amazing. They’re safety measures so that cars travelling next to and behind you will be alerted that you’re carrying fragile cargo. 

Design, Structure, Height 

Finally, look at the bed rack’s design, structure, and height. Basically, overall appearance. Check if it’s a good fit for your pick-up truck’s style and height. When it comes to the latter, you’ll have to think about how much wind resistance it can manage as opposed to your vehicle’s height. Remember that wind resistance can impact driving speed and fuel consumption, among other things. 

On that note, there are bed racks that provide a level of wind resistance minimization. That, as well as noise reduction.