The Green Bay Packers signed free agent tight end Jimmy Graham to a 3-year $30 million deal just last off-season.  There is now talk in Green Bay that they could cut Graham after he had just 55 catches for 636 yards and two touchdowns.

Green Bay Press-Gazette writer Pete Dougherty thinks it could happen.  In fact, if he was calling the shots, he would cut Graham:

I don’t know if they’ll ask Graham to take a pay cut, or whether he would, but how can they justify paying him $9M in salary and bonuses next season? He’s just not dynamic enough. I’d move on and start over at that position if I were them. If they cut Graham they save $5.3M on the cap…

The Packers should have known this before they signed Graham.  His numbers last season in Green Bay are almost identical to the numbers he put up in his three seasons in Seattle.

Graham is either nowhere near the player he was with the Saints or it was their system, and not necessarily his great play, that contributed to the numbers he put up in New Orleans.

Either way, Graham should have never been given a $30 million contract.