The battle of the GOATs took place on Sunday night and it ended how we all thought it would.  With the Patriots, who are the superior team, on top they handed the Packers a 31-17 loss.

Believe it or not, there were other players on the field during the game, not named Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady.

One of those players, Packers safety Jermaine Whitehead didn’t make it the whole game.  He was ejected for slapping Patriots lineman David Andrews.  

The two were pushing each other after the whistle when Whitehead decided to take a swing.  Although many thought the ejection was too severe for the slap to the facemask, the NFL Officiating Twitter account backed the call.

“In #GBvsNE, Jermaine Whitehead was ejected from the game for striking the head of an opponent. The ejection was confirmed by NY.”