Packing for a golf trip can be a challenging affair for many. Unless the budget isn’t an issue for you, it would be advisable to pack just what you need to save on both space and money. This is particularly important if/when traveling by air. Outlined below are a few tips and tricks on how to pack economically for a golf trip.

  1. Avoid extra hold luggage:  Take only the golf travel bag with you. This will eliminate the desire to bring more items with you. Using the best carry-on luggage could help with this.
  2. Make use of the available space in the travel bag: Most travel bags will have three shoe pockets, more than enough for what you’ll need for the trip. You can use these pockets for your nightwear, socks, and other items. Use the space in the travel bag to pack up clothes alongside the golf bag. Although golf travel bags come with plenty of clothes pockets built-in, it would be advisable to make maximum use of the available space. 
  3. Take advantage of weight allowance: Budget airlines will allow 20kgs for golf bags and 23kgs for all the others. A golf bag will weigh approximately 12kgs leaving you with 8kgs to spare. Use this space to store other items in the golf bag, as well.
  4. Scrunch up jackets and seersucker shirts in the bag too. 
  5. Only pack the clothes you’ll need: Bringing only the clothes you’ll need will save you lots of space and weight. A veteran once told me that he’d put on a golf shirt in the evening for the evening meal, and go playing the next day on the same shirt. He’d then change to another golf shirt for the evening meal. This way, he would always have a fresh shirt for formal occasions, hence only needed one shirt per day. 
  6. Pack clothes that can be worn both on and off course.  Golf shoes will come in handy both on the golf course and on the street. 
  7. Take bubble wrap with you for the trip if you plan to come with some wine from the trip. You could also use your clothing for cushioning, as well. The wine bottles need to be adequately padded to prevent breakage. I brought some when we played the Morgado golf course among others in Portugal last year and it made a huge difference.
  8. Know how the weather will be like. Checking the weather forecast can help you plan well for the trip (in terms of clothing).  Check online for the weather forecast or tune in to the weather station for detailed information on the same. 
  9. Group items together and roll soft clothing to help fill any gaps in the golf bag. This reduces creases on the clothes.
  10. Light-colored clothes should be packed inside out. This reduces the risk of marks picked on transit from showing. 
  11. Place liquids over 100ml in the golf bag.  You don’t want to take these liquids with you on the plane. These shouldn’t be kept in hand luggage either. 
  12. Use the spare space to stuff up shoes and other smaller items.   Be sure to wrap the small items together to avoid losing them. 
  13. Use the airline’s hand luggage provision to bring the golf case along.