Manny Pacquiao vs. Errol Spence Jr. (or many dubbed as Pacquaio vs Spence) is a welterweight professional boxing match which is between the eight division world champion, the Filipino Manny Pacquaio and the unified WBC (World Boxing Council) and IBF (International Boxing Federation) welterweight champion, the American Errol Spence Jr. The match itself will be happening on August 21st, 2021, at the T-Mobile Arena, the multi purpose  indoor arena at Las Vegas, Paradise, Nevada, United States.



Betting Suggestion for Pacquaio vs Spence

A match this big surely invites many people, especially the fans of boxing, either fans of the world champion, Pacquiao himself, or fan of the American Errol Spence Jr. Just as how other big event sports are, sure the betting market is very crowded. We highly recommend betting using a 3-way handicap


Using a 3-Way Handicap

For those who are not really familiar with the world of Online Betting, do not worry or afraid, we will explain to you briefly about 3 way handicap betting. Usually, when common people would think and assume about the handicap betting, they will just usually assume the 2 way lines, which we can predict is something that is very common to be used by many bookmakers and punters. It has to be noted that what many of those people do not know is that besides the 2 way bet markets, there is something higher than that,which is further handicap 3 way lines which have three possibilities. The 3 way handicap lines offer a quite different way and quite strange way into betting if you wish to try something else.

So basically, instead of using the more traditional 2 way bet line, which only has the option to win and lose, a 3 way bet line can be used when betting. Now, this is what we called or known as handicap betting. However, instead of just offering you the chance and the possibility to back either of the team (or person in this case) to come out as the winner, you can also bet on the handicap draw. This method can be used as a different way for betting and something that is very unique to this way of betting, as you are backing the draw, however, you are also using the handicap to level the playing field. Now that we understand better about the best way to bet in this Big Event, we have to make sure that we bet on the right side. Let’s learn about each of the fighters one by one.


Who Is The Pac Man Himself?

Manny Pacquaio, was born on December 17th, 1978 (43 years old), was borned on Philiphine. He was born as Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao Sr. He is a Filipino professional boxer and politician. Pacquao, regarded as one of the greatest and the best professional boxers of all time, has a unique nickname; PacMan. Difference from what most people assume, which Pac Man derived from the famous Japanese video game franchise (published, developed and owned by Bandai Namco Entertainment), Pac Man derived from the first three letter of his last name “Pacquiao” which become Pac, and the first three letter of his first name “Manny”, which become Man; hence his epithet Pac Man.

Manny Pacquaio  is currently serving as a Senator in his home county, Philippines, as well as a party president of the ruling PDP-Laban party. Manny Pacquiao is currently the only octaplex world champion in the entire history of boxing and has won twelve major world titles. Not only that, Manny Pacquaio is also the first professional boxer to win the  lineal championship in five different weight classes. Manny Pacquaio is also the first professional  boxer to win major world titles in four of the eight glamour divisions, which is the following: featherweight, welterweight, flyweight, and lightweight. As if his legacy is not yet finished, Manny Pacquaio is the only professional boxer to hold world championships across four decades (in the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, as well as  2020s).


Who Is Spence Jr.?

Enough about the legendary Pac Man, now we talk about the other fighter; Spencer Jr. Errol Spence Jr. who was born on March 3, 1990 (31 years old) was born in America. Spencer Jr is an American professional boxer. 

Spence Jr  is at the moment  a unified welterweight world champion, which have been helding the IBF(International Boxing Federation)  title since 4 years ago, back in 2017 and the WBC (World Boxing Council) since 2 years ago, back in 2019. Back when he was considered as an amateur in his current division, the welterweight division, he surprisingly won three back to back United States national championships.

Spence Jr also represented the United States for the 2012 Olympics (held from 27 July to 12 August 2012 in London, United Kingdom, where he reached the quarter finals. 6 years ago, back in 2015, Spence Jr was named Prospect of the Year by ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network)

As of January 2021, Spence is ranked as the world’s fourth best active boxer, pound for pound by Boxrec (website dedicated for boxing), only lose a little by his American Compatriot, Terence Crawford Spence Jr also ranked fourth by BWAA (Boxing Writers Association of America) and ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) and fifth by The Ring magazine (magazine specialized in Boxing) and TBRB (Transnational Boxing Rankings Board). Spencer Jr.  is also ranked as the world’s best active welterweight by BoxRec,  the Ring, and TBRB, and second by ESPN. His knock-out-to-win ratio stands at an average 78%.

How Other Professional Boxer Predict About This Big Match

Danny Garcia (American Professional Boxer) believes that Errol Spence Jr’’s world title clash with Pac Man Manny Pacquaio is a genuine 50-50 fight (can be resulted in a draw) – however he also insists both Spence Jr. and Pac Man are capable of knocking each other out. Both Pac Man and Spence Jr can carry considerable knockout (KO) power into the match itself, with statistics showing that Spence Jr is capable of knocking out (KO) five of his past eight opponents, and Danny Garcia believes that it is a very hard to choose match up, and he does not want to think too much about it


“I can see both of them knocking each other out. To be honest,I think it’s a 50-50 fight And I think this fight is not going to go the distance.” Danny Garcia said to the trusted source.


Manny Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39 KOs), is heading into this big fight as a heavy underdog with the bookies. However, Danny Garcia has noted that he refused to write off Pacquiao’s chances of winning the match. Danny Garcia has insisted that if he (Manny Pacquiao) can continue the form that saw Manny Pacquaio beat Keith Thurman (American Professional Boxer) then he could come away with the biggest prize of them all as well as surprise many sides that underestimated him. 


Danny Garcia, to the trusted source, has stated that “I think somebody is getting knocked out. It could be either-or,I believe he can stop Spence If Manny fights the way he fought [Keith] Thurman, . But if Spence comes with his A-game, I think Spence can stop him with a body shot.”


However, Danny Garcia also believes that Manny Pacquiao’s experience in handling and winning big fights like this could prove to be the difference and a game changer factor in Nevada, Las Vegas, United States.   


“Manny Pacquiao always has that motivation. So age does not matter to Him. Manny Pacquaio knows what to do. You just got to bring your A-game (the best of the best) against Manny Hell, yeah, he’s a legend, .” said Danny Garcia to the trusted source.


Final Prediction

All that said, In conclusion, as the young side, Spence Jr has a really big chance of winning this, however, the older yet experienced Manny Pacquaio can also win if he played like how he bested the stage like the old time. The prediction mostly fell on Spence Jr winning the big match in Nevada, on August 21st, 2021 at Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.