Umpire Joe West initially called a Braves batter out on a swing and miss, which appeared to be the correct call.  After the batter claimed he foul tipped it, West changed the call to a foul tip, allowing the at bat to continue.  Even when he gets a call right, he gets it wrong.

Padres manager Andy Green didn’t like the fact that West changed the call and came out to argue.  West ejected him and he came back to get his money’s worth.

Before heading into the clubhouse, Green got in a funny parting shot that was picked up by a mic, “Don’t worry, Joe, I’m leaving so you can go and get another call wrong.”

We wouldn’t expect anything less from Joe West.  He’s one of the worst umpires in the game.  It’s almost as if he gets calls wrong on purpose so he can have a confrontation.