Belichick and Pam, who knew? 

Former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning has shared a pretty wild story involving Bill Belichick and Pamela Anderson. Those are two names one would never expect to see in the same sentence, but they have a wee bit of history – if you could call it that.

Peyton was speaking on Monday night when he offered a story about Belichick that, honestly, he probably should have shared a long time ago.  The Hall of Famer recalled Belichick selecting long snapper David Binn for the Pro Bowl one year because the latter was dating said actress.  Apparently, Bill assumed she would accompany Binn to Hawaii and give the traveling contingent a treat at the pool.

“Another time, he picked David Binn who was a long snapper because he was dating Pamela Anderson,” Manning explained. “Bill thought the players would like to see Pamela at the pool in Hawaii. She didn’t come, but that’s a cool Belichick story.”

Binn had already confirmed as much in a previous interview, revealing Belichick’s disappointment when he found out Pamela didn’t come along.

“I’m walking by Bill and he looks at me and goes, ‘Hey, where’s your girlfriend.’ I said, ‘Oh, Pam? She didn’t come out.’ He goes, ‘Remind me why the f–k I invited you out here then?’” he recounted.

Fans are really enjoying this Bill story, with one of them branding him a “man of the people.”

You could see some of the actions below:

Bill doesn’t have the reputation of an amicable soul and he really doesn’t care. But this is one of the rare stories that show his jovial side – jovial in the way only Bill can be, of course.

The New England Patriots head coach might have a reason to be cheerful next year as the Pats are reported to be among the teams that could land Tom Brady. The 45-year-old QB is thought to be intent on playing for at least another season, but it might not be for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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