The Carolina Panthers started the season hot and jumped out to a 6-2 record.  Since that hot start they’ve lost two games in a row, including Sunday in Detroit when they went for two in the 4th quarter to win the game and Cam Newton missed an open receiver. 

The last two losses have Panthers fans frustrated and some blaming Cam and his accuracy.  One fan decided, at 6-4 and in second place in the NFC South, it was time to burn his Cam Newton jersey.

The fan isn’t happy with Cam’s accuracy and says he dresses like a pimp.

The facts are that Cam hasn’t been more accurate in his entire career.  He currently has a 68% completion percentage (the highest of his career).

Add that to the fact that Newton has thrown 20 touchdowns and only 6 incterception and he’s having one of his best seasons in the NFL.  But hey, go burn your own property all you want.  That’s a reasonable response to an incomplete pass.