The NFL fined Panthers safety Eric Reid $10k for unnecessary roughness for a hit on Eagles tight end Zach Ertz.

The penalty occurred in the first quarter of the Panthers come-from-behind win over the Eagles.  Reid blitzed on the play and tackled quarterback Carson Wentz, who had handed the ball off to the running back.

Ertz wasn’t happy with the hit on his QB and ran towards Reid to let him know about it.  Reid lowered his shoulder and dumped the tight end onto the ground.

Both players were received personal fouls on the play.  Despite that fact Ertz was not fined for his part.  I’m not sure what Reid was supposed to do on the play, just stand there and let Ertz run him over?  

One of these guys is currently suing the league, I’ll let you figure out which one, although I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fine.