The Carolina Panthers are reportedly signing tight end Greg Olsen to a two year extension that could make him the highest paid tight end in the league.  According to Adam Schefter the deal could be worth as much as $10.05 million a year.

This after a broken foot sidelined the 33 year old for nine games last season.  This is exactly kind of deal that ran Panthers GM Marty Hurney out of town the first time he served in the position, a massive contract to an aging player because of personal loyalty. 

Not to many of those deals worked out.  Don’t get me wrong, Olsen is a big part of what the Panthers do on offense.  But he’s coming off of an injury and heading towards his mid-30s with every passing day, this doesn’t seem like the best deal.  

Hopefully I’m proven wrong and the deal works out.  If not Panthers fans will be, rightfully so, asking for Hurney’s head.