Baptist pastor, Ernie Spence, from Fellowship Baptist in Kentucky went on an epic rant about football.  He blames football for what’s wrong with America.  

During his rant, Spence said that kids playing football on Sundays are going to burn in hell.  He then added that the cheerleaders are dressed like prostitutes.

“When these children are burning in hell, how do you think you gonna feel?  But, oh boy, junior can catch a ball, and junior could run.  Junior runs straight to hell and you don’t care.  You think it’s something your little girl can dress up like a prostitute?  That’s perversion out there, whenever they shake their pompoms and shout and cheer and stuff.  You need to get them in the house of God.”

Not only is the sport of football what’s wrong with America, it is sending kids to hell and making them prostitutes?  Who knew?  Here we thought it just spread CTE.