Burner accounts are all the rage, and now everyone is coming out against Twitter’s dirty little secret. Only a few weeks after Sixers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo resigned when it was learned his wife used fake Twitter accounts to discuss team business and criticize players, the Heat’s president was asked if he has his own Twitter burner account.

“I still have this kind of phone that flips,” Riley said holding up a tape recorder following Thursday’s NBA draft. “Is that what a burner phone looks like? I don’t have any. I’ve tweeted one time. I do have a Twitter account. Only because I need to follow a lot of people like you, which is very interesting. I actually get alerts on all you guys. But I never tweeted out anything except one picture. My boss and his wife and myself and my wife and three championship trophies. I think it’s out there. I think I put it down as soon as I put it up.”

I can’t find Pat’s twitter account, at least not one that’s verified by Twitter. What an interesting time to be alive.