Kevin Durant dropped 50-points on Friday night against the Clippers to close out the series.  After the 129-110 loss, Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams were as asked what more they could have done to stop the Warriors superstar.

The two admitted they tried everything and just couldn’t stop him.  Williams broke it down by saying KD is just special.

“Sometimes you come across special people.  It doesn’t matter what you send at them.  No scheme.  No defense.”

The Clippers have every right to be as unapologetic about the Game 6 loss.  They pushed the Warriors, a team trying to win three straight titles, to six games.  The Clippers weren’t even expected to make the playoffs before the season started, everyone was talking about that other team from Los Angeles.

Sometimes you just get beat,  The Clippers did a hell of a job and never backed down.  They earned a lot of respect during this series.

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