Patrick Beverley is one of the biggest trolls in the NBA.

He is always getting under people’s skin,  and there is this real sense of hatred for the Lakers star. Of course, much of this came due to his beef with Russell Westbrook. Back in 2013, during the NBA playoffs, Russell Westbrook was injured by Beverley. As you can see in the YouTube clip down below, Westbrook ended up getting tearing his meniscus after Beverley executed a play on him. The Oklahoma City Thunder star had to miss the rest of the playoffs, and Beverley was dubbed as a villain.

Unfortunately, this play led to some drastic circumstances for Patrick Beverley. As he explained on his Barstool Sports podcast, he received a death threat. In fact, this threat came straight from the Oklahoma City Thunder ball boy. As a result, Beverley needed security, and it was quite the circumstance.

“I had a ball boy threaten to kill me over the Russell Westbrook injury,” Beverley said. “I get to OKC the next game, the police officers in front. They put a police car in front of my house in Houston. I get to the hotel, I’m on the floor by myself. They passing out papers of a young guy’s face … he threatened to kill me.”

Now, Pat Bev and Russell Westbrook are actual teammates. This makes things all the more awkward. They seem to have patched up their relationship, which is obviously great to see. Hopefully, they are able to keep things cordial, moving forward.

Hopefully no more death threats either. 

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