Lisa Beverley, the mother of the LA Clippers guard, had an epic performance on “The Price is RIght” on Wednesday.

She got called from the audience to contestant’s row, and  was wearing an “NBA mom” shirt with the Clippers’ logo, which let everyone know she wasn’t your average run of the mill mom.  

When it came time to spin the big whee, where you have one or two spins to get the closest to a $1 without going over, she bettered another opponent’s spin of .95 by landing exactly on the $1 space to win a spot on the show’s “Showcase Showdown.” Pretty unlikely. She also earned a bonus $1,000 in cash.

From there, it was on to the “Showcase Showdown,” where two contestants give their best estimates on a total cost for a package of prizes without going over the actual price. The contestant who is closest wins their showcase.

Beverley guessed on a trip to Madagascar as well as another car, and her estimate was closer than that of her opponent’s, resulting in her victory.

Her haul for the day: two cars, a six-night trip to Madagascar and the $1,000 in cash. Total value: $41,000. Patrick was more than thrilled. This is just awesome!