Quarterbacks in the NFL are getting paid.  Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is just the latest in a long line to cash in.  His new deal will pay him $35 million a year.

This is the new highest average salary per year and according to Mike Freeman of the Bleacher Report, this puts Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes on pace to make $45 million a year.

Via Bleacher Report:

The Wilson extension (four years, $140 million) is huge, but in just a few years, it will pale in comparison to what Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes will receive.

Based on Wilson’s deal, and Rodgers’, we could see Mahomes earn a five-year, $200 million deal, averaging $40 million a season.

The idea of a $40 million Mahomes was first brought up by ESPN’s Adam Schefter. It seemed absurd at the time in January. But no longer. The Rodgers and Wilson deals show not only is that probable, it might also be low.

The number could actually be $45 million.

It sounds like an outrageous amount of money to pay a quarterback, but it will absolutely happen.  Mahomes is the real deal and will cash in big time on that.

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