Speaking with Karen Crouse an hour after departing Le Golf National, where the Americans suffered a seven-point Ryder Cup loss, Reed ripped into Jordan Spieth and American captain Jim Furyk.

“The issue’s obviously with Jordan not wanting to play with me,” Reed told Karen Crouse of the New York Times Sunday night.

Justine Reed expressed similar sentiments on Twitter over the weekend, telling one person on Twitter to ” ask Jordan” when he lamented the Spieth-Reed breakup.

Reed’s wife Justine was angry about a GolfChannel.com editor’s comment on Reed’s less-than-steller play, and also made mention it was Spieth that wanted to break-up the pairing.

This is not the first time Reed has jabbed Spieth. Earlier in the season, Reed, in a spat with a rules official at Bay Hill, made a comment that Spieth would have received a more favorable ruling.

Reed went 0-2 with Woods as partner, winning his lone point of the weekend after the cup had already been decided. For his part, Spieth went 3-1 with Thomas.

Reed has become the villain of the PGA. He’s definitely not winning over any new fans.