Even professional golfers can get a little catty. The moment takes place behind the 11th green, where Reed would eventually make a double bogey. 

He’s looking for a drop due to the cables from a TV tower allegedly obstructing his stance and/or play from the junk behind the green. The official disagreed on the video. Watch below.    

Patrick Reed was refused A free drop On Sunday And Said, “I Guess My Name Needs To Be Jordan Spieth” That to me sounds like he’s got some beef with Spieth. 

Naturally the PGA is taking advantage of this little tiff, and have paired the two up for this weekend’s tourney. That’s pretty smart, people will tune in to see these two play together.

This is how you can tell the PGA is pretty tame, I mean, this is beef? C’mon, how about some real drama? A player jokingly talking bad about another player is serious drama in the golf world. 

We need these guys to go WWE and start taunting each other on the greens. Of course I’m kidding, but it would be something to watch for sure. In the meantime this is the beef.