The NFL Network reported on Super Bowl Sunday that the Patriots are blaming the multiple injuries he suffered this season on TB12.  The timing of the report is a little head scratching, but here’s what was reported.

“Internally the Patriots feel like Gronkowski brought some of this on himself, during the offseason when he reported, he came in not as strong, not as fast and not as explosive.  The Patriots feel as though if maybe he had done it their way, as opposed to the TB12 way, of which Gronk is devoted to, maybe things would have been different.”

While Tom Brady and his TB12 trainers have allegedly caused friction between the star quarterback and Bill Belichick in the past, this just seems like another attempt by the media to show some chinks in New England’s armor.

They’re in the Super Bowl again, I highly doubt there is anyone seriously blaming TB12 for Gronk’s injuries.  Let’s not forget he’s been injured all the way back to his college days, so it’s not TB12 causing his injuries.