Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is reportedly contemplating retirement again.  He’s struggled through injuries throughout his career and this season has been no different.

What has been different this year is Gronk’s production.  His numbers are down this season and so is his normally outgoing personality.

According to Ian Rapoport, those close to the future Hall of Famer are questioning whether or not he still loves playing the game.


Gronkowski hasn’t seemed to be the same effusive personality and people close to him say everything has been a battle. They wonder how much he loves it.

All of which may lead Gronk to say he’s accomplished enough in his career to move on to Hollywood or wrestling goals.

“It’s been more challenging,” Gronkowski said this season. “But it’s just a little more obstacles in the way. I mean, it’s life. You gotta take ’em on.”

If it is the end for Gronk, Patriots fans are hopeful they can send him out with another ring.