ESPN’s Paul Finebaum used part of his weekly appearance on The RoundTable on WJOX-FM to trash Jim Harbaugh.  He didn’t hold back, calling Harbaugh’s hire a failure.

“I realize it’s April 2nd and I’m not quite sure I’m ready to go into the full bore Jim Harbaugh hot take mode, but let’s be honest, his hiring has been a colossal failure so far.”

Finebaum was far from finished with his criticism of the Michigan head coach.  In addition to calling Harbaugh a failure, he suggested he would be better off coaching in the NFL, then finished him off by trashing the Wolverines losses to Ohio State. 

“He is a perennial third or fourth place division finisher.  And frankly, at some point in time,  and I hear it from Michigan fans, patience wears out.  You can’t just take your annual beating from Ohio State every season and be able to look your fans in the eyes.”

Listen to Finebaum’s hot take around the 3:45 mark.

Damn Paul, leave some for the rest of the Harbaugh haters.  This was an absolute top to bottom trashing of Harbaugh and the current state of Michigan football.