Everyone loves to say Russell Westbrook is a cancer, as he’s now possibly forced three Superstar players to leave OKC. 

Maybe it’s him, maybe it’s not?

But Paul George was not having it.

PG took to Twitter to set the record straight, but not before Jalen Rose could do the same, when he tweeted:

“I am not accepting any Westbrook slander!!!!” 

Paul George’s post borrowed heavily from Jalen Rose’s proclamation, on a word for word basis.

Regardless of PG13 and many others coming to the defense of Russell Westbrook, NBA fans have persisted with the chatter about Russell Westbrook’s inability to “play with others.”

Russ apparently isn’t upset. 

That’s the NBA for you. 

No other league creates more superstars. 

Right or wrong, it’s fun to rag on a few of these guys. 

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