Paul George revealed to ESPN’s The Undefeated that he “would have been in a Lakers uniform” if he had never been traded from the Indiana Pacers. 

Had the Pacers not traded him to OKC, he would be in a Lakers uniform right now. Although he fell in love with the city and team in OKC. 

George returns to Los Angeles for the first time since deciding to re-sign with Oklahoma City to play the LA Clippers on Friday.

“Going toward the summer and going toward free agency, I kind of had my mind made up talking with the team, talking with Russ and talking with the front-office,” George said. “I kind of felt good where we were at. Last [season], I didn’t get a chance to start with this team fresh. I got traded late. So, I picked up things late with the team. I wanted to get to it right away this time and start creating early.”

Paul George signed a four-year, $137 million contract extension this past off season with the Thunder, so he really was going to be set either way. 

PG13 also had a nice opening night even though the Thunder lost. 

Apparently no one is missing him in Indiana.