If you were not hiding under a rock for the past year or so, you would have definitely heard about the growing popularity of vape.  From the rise of Juul and their ubiquitous vape pen with their proprietary pod system to the Smok Vape Mod chambers filled with Ruthless e Juice which allow for the creation of huge huge clouds, the market is very hot.

Where there is a hot market, it is ripe for saavy businessmen to enter the fray and look to take a piece of the market.  In the vaping business as it pertains to the cannabis industry, a certain retired NBA star has thrown his hat into the ring.  Paul Pierce, the swingman formerly of the Kansas Jayhawks and most recently of the 2008 NBA Championship winning Boston Celtics, has come up with a high end all new CBD vape pen.

The vape pen is known as the Vesper and is sold for a retail price of $59.  It comes in three colors, gold, gunmetal, and iridescent. Beautifully colored and beautifully made.  This device claims to be nothing like anything on the market today. It offers the best quality parts to give a uniquely high volume airflow that you will not want to use another device again.  The secret to the Vesper may be its proprietary Vesper 510 converter. With the converter, you can use any industry standard 510 cartridge with your Vesper One device. This will give you the piece of mind knowing that you can enjoy your vape anywhere.  The Vesper vaporizes CBD oils and not the pure cannabis, so you will not get that euphoric feeling found in smoking THC. There are multiple studies out there show the benefits of CBDs. Pierce claims that he is using CBD oils to treat chronic pain through years of beating on the NBA circuit as well as anxiety.  His advocacy goes so far as to push the envelope in getting CBD use appropriated for use in more sport. He said that it is a good alternative to the current pill popping age of pain pill treatment for medical issues.

Pierce has taken it a step further by throwing his support behind a burgeoning group of NBA personnel for the use of cannabis related products to treat body pains brought on by the sport that they are supposed to steward.  The usual course of treatment are opioids that can be extremely addictive. CBDs has been shown to be just as effective and less addictive and thus potentially better alternative. As more states and countries legalize medical and recreational marijuana, the demand for CBD and cannabis related products will continue to rise.

In addition to Pierce who have gone full bore into the cannabis game, other NBA players have also gotten into the game.  Al Harrington, a former player with the Golden State Warriors and the Indiana Pacers is getting into the business. Clifford Robinson formerly of the Portland Trailblazers is in the cannabis business through his dispensary Uncle Spliffy.