“They had to find him a half-dead guy, the poor guy was already one foot out of the MMA world,” Malignaggi said to iFL TV about McGregor’s January fight against Donald Cerrone.

“What is it with this guy? Anything he does, for example the shoulder thing he did in the fight all of his fans were like ‘oh my god, that was amazing’. What do you mean?

“Miguel Cotto was doing that to me in 2006, that shoulder sh*t, boxers do that all the time.”

Continuing on about the former two weight UFC champ, the New York boxer also turned his attention to the fans of the 31-year-old, “You have a guy who sells a lot. He’s got a fan base of r***rds.

“If you’re a Conor McGregor fan at this point knowing what a bum he is you’re borderline r***rdet probably.”

Talking about their famous sparring session Malignaggi added, “The guy’s a bum, a flat bum.

“People are like ‘oh you’re just embarrassed that he knocked you down’. He didn’t knock sh*t down, look at the video he didn’t embarrass me, you should be embarrassed for thinking anything happened besides his ass getting kicked.

“He promised you the video, he didn’t promise me the video. I saw it myself, I beat his ass. If you didn’t get the video you kinda gotta figure you got played.

“But I will say this he was smart in being able to sell the fight. But then he was also smart enough to downplay it after that never not show the full video.”

Malginaggi retired from boxing in 2017, just months before he sparred with McGregor, following his loss to Britain’s Sam Eggington.

McGregor will never take the bait. 

No chance he’ll ever let Paulie make a dollar off of him. 

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