So apparently there’s now weight loss gum, they call it OMG gum, which for them stands for overeating management gum. Pretty clever. They’re #1 spokesperson is Janet Gretzky, who is the mother to Paulina Gretzky, and wife to the Great One. 

She’s a famous actress as well, as I’m not trying to sell her short, I’m just referencing her daughter because Paulina always gets the page views. More about the ‘Gum’ below: 

Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia to help support weight management, helping to suppress appetite, and may improve serotonin levels!

Our Overeating Management Gum delivers 500 mg of high quality Garcinia Cambogia (GC) in each piece. GC may help curb appetite by affecting serotonin levels.” When chewed before meals, OMG may help reduce appetite. Additionally, GC may help block carbohydrates from turning into fat: Doctor Harry Preuss of Georgetown University has published clinical studies that help verify both the blockage of fat formation plus affecting serotonin levels. Several other accredited studies have also supported the possibility that GC helps reduce fat formation and increase serotonin levels.

I think nicotine gum may have the same effect, helps you eat less. I still prefer big league chew, all day, every day. Good work Janet, you make that gum look extra tasty.