Football is a sport with many rules. Therefore, in order to fully understand the situation of each match, viewers need to understand these rules, especially Penalty rules.

What are Penalty’s rules?

Penalty rules are one of the free kick rules of football. In particular, players conducting a free kick must be 11 meters from the goal. This kick is joined by a player and the goalkeeper of the opposing team. Penalty kicks have the advantage of being less and defensive. Therefore, even the goalkeepers of international stature can hardly prevent them. Related news: W88club

Penalty rules are one of the free kick rules of football. Source:

In particular, in the new offside rule, penalties are the way to decide the final victory for matches with low and equal scores. This led to a heavy mentality for the players who made these kicks because they feared they would miss the opportunity to score easily.

Penalty kick situation in the match

  • The referee will give away a penalty when the player commits a foul on the opponent or touches the ball manually in the penalty area.
  • The referee will signal the penalty by blowing a whistle and pointing at the penalty spot and placing the ball into the penalty spot.

In some special situations, Penalty may also occur due to the mistake of the referee

Interesting things about referees assistant

In the new offside rule, each match is governed and controlled by 1 referee, two assistant referees and one extra referee. They assigned the task of observing and understanding whether the ball had left the pitch or not. Besides, they also take the role of advising and advising on which team will receive the right to serve and throw the ball.

In addition, in Penalty kicking rules, the referee assistant will evaluate when a player makes a offside. They will be obliged to provide comments to advise the main referee to make decisions outside the main referee’s sight.

Depending on the rules for changing players in football, the referees assistant may also have different responsibilities, for example, managing the substitution law in football. This helps them control the players on the field or replace the referee when unable to continue the task. See more: bong8899

Through the above analysis, we can easily see the advisory role of the referees assistant. However, their opinions are for reference only, because the main referees have the right to completely reject them.

However, under the new offside rule, it is clear that the fourth arbitrator will take the role of the substitution rule in football and keep a backup of the score, red and yellow cards, etc. rules and regulations of the tournament in which this arbitrator may replace the referee or one of the assistant referees in case they are unable to continue their work.


Above are the interesting facts about Penalty kicking rules as well as the substitution player  rules in football. Hopefully this information will help football lovers improve their knowledge of this fascinating and dramatic sport.