A Penguins fan showed up to Game 4 on Thursday night with a special message shaved in his chest hair.  

The message was in support of a possible Penguins “3 Peat.”  If this guy and his chest hair have their way, they will be winners of three in a row.

Shaving a message in your chest hair takes a special kind of guy.  A guy with lots of time, chest hair and loyalty. 

The power of chest hair messages should not be underestimated.  The Penguins won the game and the series is now even at two games apiece.  

You have to believe the chest hair message had a lot to do with it.  That and Tom Wilson of the Caps being wrongfully suspended.

If you think this was the first time this guy has pulled off this look you are mistaken.  Shaving messages in his chest hair for sporting events is a thing for this guy.