Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll are clearly still dealing with the breakup.  

On Wednesday morning during a radio interview, Seahawks head coach Peter Carroll said Geno Smith’s pre-snap process was a lot smoother thanks to the wristband. The comment that grabbed people’s attention was Carroll saying there was “resistance” to that idea previously. Via Pro Football Talk:

“If you notice, Geno’s going off the wristband, and that’s a big help,” Carroll said. “It’s smoothed things out, sped things up, cleaned things up. And that’s part of it, too. We never did that before. There was resistance to that, so we didn’t do that before.”

We can all read between the lines and know who he’s talking about. Given the content of the quote is primarily about wearing a wristband it’s hard to believe there was much vitriol behind the “resistance” comment. Carroll isn’t really in the business of taking shots at people through the media.

That didn’t stop someone from asking Wilson about it later in the day, and he responded in just the way all content aggregators wanted him to.

Don’t see how it can hurt to have plays on your wrist if needed.

What a mess.

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