Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas has made it known that he isn’t happy with his current contract situation and that he is more than willing to holdout.  His situation is he’s entering the final year of his deal and will make $8.5 million this season.

That seems like a decent situation to be in.  Is this about his contract or his desire to be a Dallas Cowboy?  Whatever the real reason, head coach Pete Carroll made it clear that he expects Thomas to be at training camp, via 950 KJR

“He’s been here for a long time. We always expect him to be here. It’s kind of how it is. He should be here and he’s not,” head coach Pete Carroll said. “It’s really about the guys that are here now and we’re going to keep moving and grooving and putting it together. It’s unfortunate.

“We’re expecting him back. He’s under contract.”

Contract disputes are rarely resolved smoothly.  It’s usually a long drawn out back and forth that leaves someone a little butthurt, usually the player if they don’t get what they want.  This one will probably be a similar process, especially when the coach is addressing it day one.