Pete Rose was recently interviewed by Bob Nightengale of USA Today Sports, and the MLB’s hit king has some thoughts on juiced baseballs.  No surprise here, Pete thinks they’re juiced. 

“I’m going to argue with baseball until the day I die,” Rose said, “that baseball is juiced. I don’t care what anybody says. They’ll say it’s not, which they have to. I saw a ball bounce behind the dugout the other day in Anaheim and it bounced into the second deck. Now, there’s something going on there.”

It would go no other way with Rose.  You could tell him the MLB is harvesting the organs of orphans and putting them in baseballs and he would probably believe it.  

Are the balls juiced?  Probably, but the rest of the game is already ruined, so who really cares at this point?  And more importantly, do we care what Pete Rose thinks about it?

Especially when his redemption tour was cut short after we all learned he had sex with underage girls when he was a player.

Apparently Bob is unaware of those underage sex allegations that got the MLB’s hit king fired by FOX last year.  How else do you explain this interview?