Among the parade-goers this weekend, a lucky few caught a glimpse of an NFL icon celebrating Mardi Gras.

Video and photos posted on social media showed none other than future hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning lining the route for the Iris parade over the weekend. 

Manning, a New Orleans native, appeared to be right at home as riders launched throws in his direction.

“It all happened so fast that if you didn’t already have your phone out you missed it,” said Traci Bailey, who rode in the parade. “He was just out there like everyone else. No one even seemed to know who was standing behind them.”

Bailey said she successfully threw some beads at the former quarterback, but another rider had a different idea. 

A video posted on Instagram shows Manning catching a stuffed football and then launching it back at the float after riders called for him to show off his throwing arm.

Manning, along with his brother Eli, was born in New Orleans while his father Archie was quarterbacking for the Saints in the 70s. 

He retired in 2016 after winning his second Super Bowl title with the Denver Broncos.

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