Say what you want about the opulent and fascinating Ancient Egyptian civilization, but those pharaohs must have been completely wild in order to build such gargantuan structures as the pyramids. Three millennia onwards and they are still standing, it is testimony to the utter outrageousness of this society, and it is also perfect fodder for a good old online slot game. Enter Pharaohs Wild; an Egyptian themed slot title that takes this world of mummies, pyramids and ancient Gods, combining them all into an excellent, and rather intense, example of online casino based entertainment. You can also experience and witness the best card games available online.

About Pharaohs Wild and its Bonus Features

One thing we will say from the offset is that Pharoahs Wild is certainly not for the fainthearted. Put it this way, if you are after a game that can be played casually whilst lounging on the sofa this may not be quite what you’re after. The setting is deep in an archaic tomb, sound tracked by the ominous growls and grunts from an unknown beast somewhere deep in the depths of this seemingly infinite labyrinth. Whilst spinning the reels you will encounter a rotting un-dead mummy, as well as the God Anubis, both appearing on either side serving as a potent reminder of your fate if you fail to win.

You will only have to be playing for a matter of minutes to realise that spinning those reels and winning is absolutely on top of your agenda – nobody wants to be stuck in this nightmarish tomb for too long! Luckily there are a variety of bonuses that will aid you on your quest. For instance there is the Mummy Bonus, a seemingly random feature that sees symbols be replaced by matching ones. Or there is the Floating Bonus, which means that if any matching symbols turn up on the first reel they are inclined to fly off and appear somewhere else.

About Storm Gaming and other Games by the Developer

Pharaohs Wild is developed by the people over at Storm Gaming, and has immediately become a pretty shiny jewel in their crown. As the UK’s No. 1 independent manufacturer of digital land-based gaming solutions you immediately cannot argue with their pedigree in the market. And with ties across the UK, Africa, Spain and US it seems like the rest of the world is fully aware of this as well. No wonder really when you consider some of their other examples of online slots:

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Pharaohs Wild: What’s The Verdict?

Although there is a wealth of Ancient Egyptian themed slot games on the market these days, the majority peddle the same Cleopatra or Gods theme and can get a bit boring. Not the case with Pharaohs Wild though, this is a scintillating example of an online slot that brings a genuine atmosphere of suspense and horror into its midst. Storm Gaming have succeeded in making online casino a truly scary place with Pharaohs Wild. And the best thing? Well, you can still win a heavy stack of cash whilst spinning.