Astros fans are experiencing what life in Philadelphia can be like if you’re not rooting for the Phillies.  

Philadelphia restaurants are trying to do their part to beat the Houston Astros in the World Series by hitting them where it hurts most – in the belly. Some legendary Philly establishments started a campaign refusing to serve the Astros while they’re in town. This city is relentless.

Angelo’s Pizzeria in South Philly declined to serve some Astros fans. 

Apparently some Astros fans didn’t react to kindly to being rejected, and they did something pretty scary. According to this Philly fan’s tweets, the Astros fans threatened to blow up the place. How does she know this, well it’s her cousins’ joint.

See all the tweets below:

Mike’s BBQ to the rescue for Astros fans.  

YO!!! Hey Philly & Houston !! A local news org took a recent post about not feeding the Astro’s as a “refusal” while we are die hard Philly fans. We don’t refuse serving anyone. We fed the Braves twice , we serve the Mets, the list goes on. It was a funny post as the Astros contacted the wrong restaurant . We did help them contact the right one. Both parties on this text knew that. It was very funny saying we weren’t going to feed them. Which we couldn’t anyway. We don’t make Latin food. Nor were we open those days . That was there wish. Every team should have the opportunity to try local cuisine , or cuisine of their choosing when they are on the road. Im happy that it fired up Philly fans . I thought it would bring lots of laughs. However I don’t want people to think we refuse to feed anyone. We really don’t . We’ve given thousands of dollars of food away just during the pandemic to anyone that needed it. And even ball players need to eat! Hope this clears this up. Cheers ! And of course ! Go Phillies !!!

Scary times we live in, thank goodness not everyone gets caught up in the rivalry. Astros fans and Philly fans need to find some common ground away from ballparks. 

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