A freelance photographer at the Chargers and Steelers game on Sunday night in Pittsburgh captured a Steelers fan choking a female Chargers fan.

The photographer says the incident happened in the final seconds of the game when the Steelers fan told a couple of Chargers fans to sit down.

Via Pittsburgh Current:

The Pittsburgh Current has obtained photos taken by a freelance photographer that show a large man in a Steelers shirt choking a woman wearing a Chargers jersey. The photographer, Shelley Lipton, says she saw a man and a woman, both Chargers fans, standing up during the final few seconds of the game as Los Angeles kicked a field goal to win the game. The incident comes on the heels of the NFL being thrown back into the spotlight when Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt was cut by the team following the release of a video showing Hunt pushing and kicking a woman.

According to Lipton, the unidentified man told the couple to sit down. The couple told the Steelers fan that “it was their turn” to stand and cheer. When they refused, the man lunged at the male Chargers fan and “was beating on him.” The male Charger fan told the Steelers fan that he was not fighting with him. Lipton says the Chargers fan was almost pushed over a railing. The female Chargers fan then got in between the two.

Lipton was shooting the game and when the fracas in the stands continued, she got closer and began taking pictures. It wasn’t until she processed the photos a short time later that she realized what she had captured. Her photos clearly show the man with his hand wrapped around the woman’s throat (photo above). A hand can be seen on the Steelers fan chin and Lipton says she believes it was the woman’s hand when she got in between the Steelers fan and the Chargers fan during the altercation. “She stepped in to try and help,” Lipton says.

The first thing the female Chargers fan has to do is breakup with the guy she was at the game with.  If he didn’t want to fight the Steelers fan prior to his lady being choked that’s one thing, but as soon as his hand went around her neck it should have been on.

If he’s not throwing hands for you when someone chokes you then there might be another woman in his life.