It was reported on Thursday that domestic violence charges against Redskins linebacker Reuben Foster were dropped.  This despite the fact there are photos of the alleged victim that pretty clearly show her injuries. 

On Thursday afternoon the photos were released and will have you questioning how the charges were dropped.  Foster’s lawyer says the charges were dropped because of credibility issues.

Via TMZ Sports:

TMZ Sports has obtained the injury photos of Elissa Ennis — the woman who claims Foster attacked her … but apparently, the pics weren’t compelling enough for charges to be pursued.

You can see a big red bruise on her cheek and red marks on her chest.

The photos were taken in the aftermath of the Nov. 24 incident — the woman claims Foster hit her in the face while trying to take her cell phone. She called 911 and cops responded to the team hotel.

Foster’s attorney tells us he believes prosecutors dropped the case because of credibility issues.

The only way to get Foster to face charges must be with video evidence.  He’s figured out how to get out of it multiple times now.