Golf balls without argument, are one of the most important sports equipment when it comes to playing golf. True golfers know what it’s like to play with a golf ball that is not well made. 

You already know that the golf balls come in different prices, but many don’t know that there is a lot of difference in different types of golf balls besides their price tags. 

What might seem like a simple object that you hit off the tee can actually have quite an effect on where your ball actually ends up landing. Obviously, this is assuming that you have a certain level of control with your shots as the quality of the golf ball won’t make much difference to a complete beginner.

From the material which is used and the layers of that material, to the company that manufactures the golf balls, golf balls become more like a “science based tech”. This is because aerodynamics of the ball is effected directly by the material and the layers used in manufacturing them. 

While it might seem quite simple, selecting a golf ball can be technical even for some of the professionals. Here are a few things to know about golf balls that will help you in your playoffs.


Prices of Golf Balls can usually vary from anywhere between 7 USD to 60 USD. This is just a usual scale but most of the balls lie between this price range. When it comes to golf balls, prices play an important role because the higher the price, the better the golf ball will be. Expensive golf balls might not be suitable for the newer or casual players, so you can find some affordable golfballs by visiting here, but the golfers who are serious about improving their game should consider buying better golf balls.

Materials and Layers:

Golf balls are completely dependent on the material you use to make them and the layers they have. The more expensive golf balls are broken down into different layers, and they have perfect structure. The outer layer, the cover is mostly made from Urethane. The Urethane layer makes sure that the rest of the layers receive the desired amount of impact after the swing. The core is made really soft, that allowing compression which helps absorb the impact, allowing the ball to travel faster and cover a larger distance. The layers also stop the ball from swinging in the air, making the short more accurate.

The golf balls with a less expensive price tag are usually made without the layers. It’s just the outer cover and the inner soft core. They usually don’t have the different layers that the premium golf balls have. This can be a major problem when you want to hit a long distance because when it comes to golf balls, you should buy the one that will be useful in a lower spin driver and higher spin wedges.

What is the ‘golf ball tech’ and how has it helped the golfers:

  • Dimple Technology

The dimple technology has helped the golfers become more accurate. The technology has offered us wind resistance, allowing the ball to travel farther.

  • Mantle Technology

The mantle technology refers to the addition of layers in the ball. The outer ‘urethane’ layer is called the cover, the inner softer layer is called the mantle and the inner-most part of the golf ball is called core. The mantle tech has helped in making the ball travel faster then before, as it absorbs the impact from the swing really well.

  • Core Technology

The core tech has improved the golf balls a lot. The core is usually made of polymer to make it really soft. It can help reduce the spin on drives while maintaining control with short iron shots, thereby limiting the gap in the distance vs. control trade-off.

Finding the best golf ball for you

Obviously, it is difficult to say exactly, which is the best golf ball for your specific skillset and swing purely based of this article.

However, WhatAllTheProsUse have written a detailed guide to the top rated golf balls for improving your consistency in hitting the fairway. It’s a fantastic read and really breaks down the best golf balls in the market right now.


These little differences might not seem much but they can make a huge impact on your shot. You might choose the ball that is in your budget, as you can be one of the new players, but in the end, no one can claim that golf balls don’t make a difference.

It is true that the players who are just playing the sport for fun can go for cheaper alternatives but anyone who wants to up their golf game should consider using a better golf ball, as they will surely help you hit the fairway!