Pickleball is a kind of sport where you find a mixture of table tennis, ping pong, and badminton. The popularity of pickleball is rising day by day, and if you are also interested in playing this game, you need to gather the accessories quickly. That’s when this article comes in handy for you.  

What is needed to play pickleball?

Every sport requires some definite accessories to start the game, and pickleball is no different. Although you can start playing the game with a paddle, pickleball, and a complete court, there is also some other equipment you need to check out as well. Proiest brand has been long time through good experience about pickle ball and whole sports.


Pickleball paddle 

While talking about pickleball accessories, the first thing that comes to mind is the one each player handles, and it is the paddle. There are many aspects of a paddle used in pickleball. 

  • Material: There are wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or other composite materials mostly used to construct the paddle’s face. Wooden paddles comparatively have a shorter lifespan and ideal choice for beginners. However, aluminum or composite materials are preferred by pro-level players because of their lightweight structure. 
  • Size: Pickleball paddles pretty similar to table tennis paddles but a bit larger. If you go with a smaller than other than regular size, you mightn’t find the sweet hitting spot properly. 
  • Shape: It is typically square-shaped and has rounded edges. Often the rounded edges are covered by edged protectors for durability. 
  • Weight: It’s not the case that heavier paddles will produce heavier shots or last long. In fact, lightweight paddles perform a lot better than heavier ones and also have a lengthier life. The weight of pickleball paddles ranges from 6 to 14 ounces. 
  • Handle: The handle shouldn’t be too long or too short. The length should fair enough to provide the most comfortable grip to the user. 
  • Extra grip: Sometimes, users need to use an extra grip around the handle to find proper gripping. The extra grip should have enough adhesive that stays properly on the handle and also doesn’t keep any residue after removing. 
  • Paddle cover: It’s a protective gear for the paddle. A paddle cover typically comes with zippered structure, and it saves the paddle from wear, tears, and scratch to enhance durability. 

Pickleball ball

There are two types of pickleball used, one for outdoor games and the other one for indoor games. Now let’s break into the details about pickleball. 

  • Material: The balls are made from plastic, but there’s a difference in the construction depending on indoor and outdoor usage. Indoor balls are made from a softer plastic, whereas outdoor ones are made of harder and smoother plastic. Hard materials enhance the lifetime of the balls. 
  • Size: The size of these balls is measured in diameter and ranges from 2.87 to 2.97 inches. 
  • Holes: There are two things to know about the holes, the number and the size. Indoor balls have larger holes but lesser in number that is only 26. However, outdoor balls have smaller holes, and the number here is 40. Some balls also have 32 holes. 
  • Weight: These plastic balls weigh around 22.1 to 26.5 grams. 
  • Color: There are several colors of these balls, including white, yellow, orange, pink, and green. 

Pickleball Net 

Until you have set up a net in the middle of the court, you aren’t ready to start the game. Moreover, choosing a strong and sturdy net is crucial to maintain playability. 

  • Construction: The structure of the net should be strong enough that it allows it to stay situated on the ground as long as the game goes on. The most loved material for the poles is steel and carbon fiber. However, aluminum or plastic won’t last long. 
  • Size: A pickleball net should be 20 to 22 feet wide. When you set up this in the middle of the court, it must remain 36 inches high at the poles and 34 inches high at the center. 
  • Portability: There are both permanent and portable nets available depending on the need of the user. 

Outfit of the players

From the basic requirements for playing pickleball, now let’s turn the attention to the player’s need. You can go into the court and start playing pickleball when you have a paddle, ball, and a net set up in the middle of the court. But adding some more accessories will sure enhance the fun of the game. 

  • Clothing: Proper clothing will ensure the comfort of the players on the court. Whether it is men or women, both should put on a breathable, moisture-wicking, soft t-shirt. It can be long-sleeved, half-sleeved, or sleeveless as well. Meanwhile, men will wear shorts with the same features and women will wear skirts with similar features in the down part. 
  • Shoes: Without having adequate traction, it becomes difficult to move around the court and find out the most effective shots. The outsoles of the shoes must provide a good grip and prevent slippage. Meanwhile, the upper panel should ensure air ventilation to keep the feet cool and dry. 
  • Sunglass: During outdoor games and the sun is also out, it is necessary using a sunglass to protect the eyes from excessive sunlight. Also, the visor will go on well to protect the eyes and also prevent UV-rays. 
  • Gloves: If someone is not satisfied with the grip used around the handle, he might love putting on gloves in the hands. This prevents any sort of slippage of the paddle due to moisture or sweat. It also keeps the hand safe from any harm or unwanted injuries. 
  • Brace: When the player already has pain in the knee, elbow, wrist, or ankle area, it is suggested to use a brace in these areas before entering the court. It will help to reduce the pain or aches and let him concentrate on the gameplay. 
  • Sweatbands and Towels: The purpose of these two things is the same, which is to remove the sweat and moisture from the body. Sweatbands are used during the game and worn around the head or wrist. However, in the middle of the game or during breaks players relies on the towels. 

Pickleball machine

During training hours, when you lack a partner, a pickleball machine comes in handy. It releases the balls automatically at different speeds that allow the player to improve his shots. 

  • Construction: These machines are typically constructed of plastic, which makes them lightweight and easier to carry. However, stainless steel and aluminum machines are durable. But the heavy-duty construction also makes them a bit bulky and less portable. 
  • Ball holding capacity: Every machine comes with different capacities for holding balls. But if it can hold around 160 to 200, it will be excellent. 
  • Size: Look for a compact size to make the machine highly portable. 

Carrying bag 

Carrying all these accessories conveniently remains a tougher task until you have a carrying bag. There are backpacks, duffel bags, normal carrying bags available for this purpose. The size of the bag depends on the number of equipment you are carrying. 

These are the few accessories that one needs before he is fully prepared to play pickleball.