From the material, color to weight, choosing the best pickleball paddles can be challenging, especially for first-time buyers.

When it comes to sports, your pickleball paddle plays an important role and it can determine whether you will win or your opponent will win against you. Given that you will use your energy to hold and use it, you need to put into considerations several factors.

In this pickleball paddles buying guide, we take a look at five important things you need to know before you buy yours.

When you put these factors into consideration, you will get a quality paddle.

So without wasting your time, let’s get right inside.

1. Weight

The weight of your pickleball paddle is one of the most important things you must not ignore when buying yours. The last thing you want to see is nursing injuries caused by a heavier pickleball paddle. Equally, choosing a lighter paddle can make you miss easy shots since you will swing fast.

To determine the right weight for your pickleball paddle, you must consider the one you are using and if it’s your first time, you will want to find out the right weight for a pickleball paddle that is suitable for beginners.

Usually, best pickleball paddles weigh between 6.8 to 14 ounces. Although a lighter paddle can do, you will feel the vibration in your arm and that can result in injuries. On the other hand, a heavier paddle will enable you to make heavy punches but is much harder to control. 

A good rule of thumb for a beginner is to choose a medium weight paddle and then advance to the heavier ones once you get accustomed to the game.

3. Material 

Pickleball paddles are usually made from three materials which are composite, wood, and graphite. The three materials are great but have some good and bad sides. You just need to ensure you choose the best paddles made from the best material for you.

Wooden paddles are less expensive. You can get the best paddle at around $36. For a beginner, a wooden paddle can be the best for the start.

The only disadvantage with wooden paddles is that they tend to be weighty and can give you a hard time when playing the game.

Composite paddles are the medium ones and are also not expensive. These paddles are designed in different shapes and sizes.

The good thing about composite paddles is that you will never miss a paddle that suits your needs whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pickleball player.

Graphite paddles are the costly of all the three. However, they are lightweight paddles. They make the best choice for people looking for the best paddles and are not worried about the money.

4. Grip Size

Different paddles are made with different circumference and for a beginner; it might be hard to notice the difference.

Paddles with smaller grip sizes are suitable for players with small hands. That means if you have large hands, you should choose a paddle with a big grip circumference. Nevertheless, a larger paddle can cause injuries during playtime.

A good rule of thumb is to find a paddle with the right grip circumference.

Pickleball paddles are made with grip circumference of up to 4 ½ 

For instance, people who are 5.2 inches or less tall should choose paddles that have 4-inch grip, people with 5.3 inches should choose 4 1/8-inch grip and 5.9-inch people 4 1/2 –inch grip.

5. Handle Length

Some paddles are designed with shorter handles while others have longer handles. Paddles with longer handles offer a good whipping motion, although you will have to be more accurate when punching the ball.

The good thing about paddles with longer handles is that you have more reach to the ball and you need a little force and speed to punch it.

6. Color

Pickleball paddles are made with different colors. You can decide the color you want for your paddle yourself. However, expert pickleball players believe that yellow paddles are the best since they make it hard for your opponent to see the ball when you punch it.