During Sunday’s game, Pittsburgh Pirates starter Chris Archer drew attention for a dark spot near his waistline. Fox Sports Ohio broadcaster Chris Welsh thought it was pine tar, which would be used to help his grip.

Look below: 



“Why would I put pine tar on my shirt?” Archer told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Monday. “There’s a drawstring that comes loose, so I was trying to keep my pants up,” he said. “Since we hit and hit in the cage and do all that pregame, I guess at some point I got something on my shirt. A spot that’s like the size of a quarter.”

Archer said it was possible that there was pine tar on the shirt from when he hit in the cage, but that he didn’t put it there to improve his grip on the ball

Using a foreign substance on the mound is illegal, but it’s rarely enforced. 

If it walks like a duck…

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