What could be simpler and more interesting in gambling than bingo! This game is recognized as one of the most popular around the world. And with the development of the Internet, playing bingo has become even easier. Now you just need to enter the Internet, download a gaming site in your computer or laptop browser, and here it is – bingo! And you do not need to wait for the right time, look for the nearest casino or collect friends at the gaming table. Everything is much simpler. And you can also download the application with bingo – and just play from your smartphone or other gadgets. Now you can play anywhere and anytime – because you can start the game in any place where there is access to the global network.

Many novice players are interested in the question, how do you make a big jackpot in bingo? In this matter, experienced players do not have a unanimous opinion. But you can increase your chances in the game with the help of our recommendations.

How Do You Increase Your Chances of Winning in Bingo?

Since bingo is basically a gamble, like a lottery from which it has evolved over the centuries, perhaps the best way to win (or at least lose the minimum) is to avoid games that have the lowest chances of winning.

Choosing a game, look at the cost of a ticket (card), the amount of the bank, the number of players participating in the game and the number of cells that need to be filled in the proposed scheme.

Compare, for example, a game that costs $ 1 for a card and a payment of $ 50 (for full-card filling) with approximately 100 participating players, and a game that costs the same $ 1 for a card and paying $ 100 with 200 players. Your chances of winning are, of course, better in the first game: 1 out of 100 against 1 out of 200. But the payment (50 to 1 against 100 to 1) makes both games approximately equal if you play bingo for money, not for the feeling of winning.

Remember that few games of chance returns such a low percentage of invested money as bingo. The procedure for playing it takes an average of 25 to 40 per cent of the money invested. The best pay you can find is 80 per cent.

If you hope to win in bingo, it is important to understand the system of payment. Your best chance to win is to find the games that run in the worst atmosphere: anything that can reduce the number of players (or, more precisely, the number of cards in the game) will improve your chances. Well, as far as the atmosphere is concerned, this is more applicable to the game in real halls, and in online bingo, you can simply look for games with good pay and fewer participants (which is generally difficult, it is possible rather in little known bingo rooms).

We also mentioned that many players try to increase their chances of winning by playing with a large number of cards. This strategy seems to be statistically correct: players who play more cards are closer to victory, but they also invest more money into the game and (as game experts believe) their chances of losing about the same. Of course, if you can get a discount when you buy several cards and do not pay the full price, then consider that you have achieved a small advantage in financial terms.

Some experts advise players to buy and take as many numbers as possible when you have a maximum of four cards and enough opportunities for financial investments. But this strategy is hardly justified even with four cards. Many players believe in the choice of cards containing certain numbers in strategic places on the cards, such as diagonals and corners or “winning” cells in “direct” bingo for 75 balls (cells in any row of five, including the centre – a free cell). They swear “happy” numbers, numbers that have special meaning for them, at every opportunity.

Do people playing on “special numbers” win more often? No, but they are probably more passionately involved in the game than other players. If you play not just for the sake of money, such emotional excitement can be a significant part of the game of bingo.

In any case, even if you actively search for online casinos with the smallest number of participants or the most favourable conditions, you should not forget about your own security. And in the case of money, this issue is very serious.

We will give a couple of tips on how not to lose all your money in an online casino.

  • Look for reputable bingo sites. It is better to choose those for which there are real reviews on the site aggregator reviews. However, new bingo sites can also be a good choice: usually on newly created sites, the rules are followed more precisely than on sites with a large number of players and an impressive history.
  • Do not use your main bank account for depositing and withdrawing funds. It is better for this purpose to have an additional or open an e-wallet. Remember that payment security is very important.
  • Try to determine the amount of money you are willing to spend on the game today. And immediately transfer that amount to your deposit, and when the money is exhausted, just complete the game.

Play with pleasure, play with joy, not only for the sake of winning but also for the sake of the positive you can get from the bingo game online.